Comfort and Touch in the Nike Kids’ Tiempo Rio III Indoor Soccer Shoes

My son is nine and he isn’t at a level where he has really identified “his sport” (though he does seem to be leaning more toward basketball than soccer).  So when he gets on the field or the indoor court, he has different expectations than my daughter (who is soccer through and through).

He’s playing soccer right now to have fun and because his friends are playing – not because of a deep desire to win (and there’s nothing wrong with that, youth sports are supposed to be fun!).  But he isn’t necessarily looking for the most advanced equipment out there to help improve his performance, he’s looking to be comfortable while he is on the field and while he is in between shifts.

When my first thought is overall quality and performance, I still lean toward Adidas – but if my first and foremost requirement in a shoe is comfort, I look for a bargain from Nike.

We found a pair of Nike Tiempo Rio III in his size on sale for less than $20 – which is a very reasonable price for a pair of indoor soccer shoes of this quality.

The Tiempo Rio III have a very lightweight synthetic leather upper (the shoes weigh in at less than 7 ounces) and are durable.  The quality of the general construction leaves no doubt that these shoes will last the entire indoor season (and might be able to hold up over another season if he wouldn’t outgrow them…)

The fit on these shoes is close to perfect, no riding up and down as he runs and very secure during on court cuts.  The Tiempo Rio III have great traction – and there is no surprise at all at how comfortable they are (he doesn’t rush to take them off, even long after the final whistle has sounded).

If you are in the market for an affordable, durable indoor kids’ soccer shoe, grab a pair of Nike Tiempo Rio III right here.

Nike Men’s Tiempo Geino II Indoor Soccer Shoe Review

I honestly wasn’t even going to pick up a pair Nike Tiempo Geino II Indoor Shoes.  The regular price was about $65, which isn’t bad, but I really didn’t need another pair.  But, the shoes were on sale for 20% off the regular price and I had a coupon for an additional 25% off from our club…

With discounts and coupons, that put this highly rated indoor shoe from one of the top manufacturers at less than $40 – a deal I didn’t want to pass up.  I rarely shop based exclusively on price (in many cases, you do get what you pay for), but when I can get a deal that looks this good for a Nike shoe, I generally jump on it.

Now onto the shoe itself – the first thing I notice about almost every shoe from Nike is how good it feels on the foot.  The Tiempo Geino are incredibly comfortable and provide outstanding support – which is a critical piece of the puzzle when you are one the court on your feet for an extended time.

The fit of the Nike Tiempo Geino II are pretty true – my foot wasn’t at all cramped nor was there any slipping and sliding inside the shoe.  The upper is leather, which should mean that these shoes will have no trouble at all standing up to the use and abuse of a full indoor season and beyond.

The Tiempo Geino II had good traction on the polished court and there was  no issue with getting a good first touch or maintaining control of the ball.  The all leather upper did make the Tiempo Geino II just a little heavier than some of my mesh/synthetic upper indoor shoes, but it didn’t seem to have any negative impact on me during a 30 minute game.

Anyone who is interested in a comfortable indoor soccer shoe that is durable and will last an entire season (or more) without excessive wear should strongly consider the Nike Teimpo Geino II Indoor Soccer shoe – grab a pair here.

Putting Adidas Men’s Ace 16.3 IN Indoor Soccer Shoes to the Test

Local coaches have put together an “old man’s” indoor/futsal pick-up league that plays Tuesday nights after practice in a high school gym.  The floor is high polish and can be super slick depending on what went on in the gym during the day and whether or not the janitors had made a few passes through with the broom.

I came across a pair of Adidas Men’s Ace 16.3 IN in a local sporting goods store in my size at a pretty deep discount and they looked like they would have outstanding traction – so I picked them up.

As a lifelong “Adidas guy” I was hoping that the Ace 16.3 IN would not disappoint – and thankfully, they didn’t.

I’ll start with the fit – these shoes were in my typical size for Adidas, but they were a little bit snug on the first wear (not uncomfortable, but if you are in between sizes, you might want to consider the half size up).  The sole has great support and cushioning through the heel and midsole which made moving in them very comfortable.

The synthetic upper is super lightweight (just 10 ounces) which kept my movements quick throughout the course of back to back 30 minute games. And, much like I had hoped – the Ace 16.3 IN had outstanding traction – I was able to make sharp cuts and pivots with no slipping and able to hit top speed on the polished floor with no trouble at all.

Almost the entire upper of the Men’s Ace 16.3 IN is textured, which is a nice feature for just a little added control in the extra tight confines of the indoor game.

I had two great games in these shoes and felt good post game (no aching, stiffness or soreness in the feet), so I’d definitely recommend them for anyone who plays on a hard or polished surface.  Grab your pair of Adidas Men’s Ace 16.3 IN indoor soccer shoes right here.

Outstanding Kid’s Indoor Soccer Shoe – Nike Kid’s HyperVenom Phelon II

My daughter got a call late Friday night to fill in for a local futsal team for the first time, which presented a perfect opportunity to try out some new kicks.

I picked up the HyperVenom Phelon II because this series has a great reputation and I’ve had positive personal experiences with them, plus the fact that the color above is an outstanding match for graphics on her regular indoor team’s uniform (more important to her than me).

The kid’s HyperVenom Phelon II, like virtually all Nike athletic shoes, are very comfortable.  They have a stable base, secure fit and excellent cushioning.

The soles seem to have outstanding grip, my daughter was able to make strong cuts and explode to 50/50 balls and she had no trouble keeping pace with the other team’s striker.

The kids HyperVenom Phelon II also has a unique feature designed to set it apart from other indoor shoes –  a larger striking surface for the ball.  The laces are offset to the outside allowing for a flatter surface for truer passes and shots.  I was a little concerned that this would effect the “feel” of the shoe, but my daughter said that they felt great (even after four 30 minute games in them).

While I don’t know exactly how much this feature would benefit more experienced players (most of the kids in our club wear hot spot lace covers, which keep laces tied and create a flat surface), but it might help beginners or those who need a little extra help with the fundamentals.

Overall I found the HyperVenom Phelon II indoor shoe to have all the necessary traits of a top level shoe.  They were lightweight, with great fit, very comfort with outstanding traction and great touch.  If your son or daughter needs a new indoor soccer or futsal shoe, grab a pair of Nike HyperVenom Phelon II here.

Men’s Indoor Soccer Shoe – Under Armour Spotlight ID Review

I was honestly a little skeptical before trying the Spotlight ID from Under Armour.  It’s not that I don’t trust their quality or reputation (I have used plenty of UA gear over the years), I had just never worn a pair of UA soccer shoes and honestly didn’t know how they’d stand up to Adidas and Nike.

I have to tell you though – even with the potentially negative preconceived notions I had going in, I really ended up liking this shoe in almost every aspect.

One of the first things I noticed was the weight (or lack thereof).  The UA Spotlight ID are super lightweight and felt incredibly fast.  Speed has always been an important part of my game, so I really liked the fast that this shoe seemed to enhance that rather than hamper it.

The synthetic leather upper feels resilient and made to last and I didn’t feel that I lost any touch compared to a mesh shoe.  Touch is another critical aspect in the indoor game as movements tend to be shorter and quicker (in general) when compared to playing on much larger outdoor fields.

The UA Spolight ID were also very comfortable.  These indoor soccer shoes have excellent support and ample cushioning.  I feel like I would have no trouble at all playing multiple games in a day in them.

The only potential knock I might have with the Spotlight ID is the grip.  While I wouldn’t say the traction was at all bad (I wasn’t slipping on the court as I have in some shoes), I just didn’t seem to have the “stick” I have in my regular indoor shoe that allows for the fastest cuts possible.

Overall, this is an outstanding effort from UA and well worth a look if you are in the market for a light and comfortable indoor soccer shoe for the upcoming season. Grab a pair of UA Men’s Spotlight ID indoor soccer shoes here.

Top Men’s Indoor Soccer Shoe – Adidas Men’s Mundial Goal

When it comes to soccer shoes (indoor and outdoor, grass and turf), I’m a firm believer in the products Adidas puts out.  I absolutely love the Samba Classic (have been wearing them for years), but I can definitely get behind the Adidas Men’s Mundial Goal indoor shoe as well.

The Men’s Mundial Goal features a sturdy and flexible K Leather upper.  This super supple material not only provides a great feel for the ball (excellent touch), but it is designed to stretch to mold perfectly to your foot to create the most comfortable environment for play possible. (Because K-Leather is known to stretch, many players and proponents recommend buying a half size small to compensate.)

The Mundial Goal delivers outstanding support, without being restrictive and the EVA insole/midsole technology makes for super comfortable long term wear.  This is key to maintaining top performance on the court as many indoor leagues have their teams playing multiple times per day. (It’s hard to deliver an MVP caliber performance on the court when you’ve got aching feet)

The leather upper makes the Mundial Goal indoor shoe just a little more expensive than some of the top mesh/synthetic shoes, but the extra expense is worth it if you are looking to create a “custom” fit feel on the indoor soccer court.

You’ll also get outstanding traction and great grip from these indoor shoes.  This means you can finish those explosive drives to the net or track down the opposition before they have a chance to shoot.

If you are looking for a top quality leather indoor shoe at a reasonable price, grab your pair of Adidas Men’s Mundial Goal indoor shoes here.

Men’s Indoor Soccer Shoe Review – Nike Men’s Davinho Indoor Soccer Shoe

We spoke a little in our review yesterday about Nike’s reputation when it comes to delivering the highest quality in athletic shoes.  We’ve got another perfect example of that today with the Davinho Indoor Soccer shoe.

Upon first look, this shoe doesn’t have the typical flash and flair (they do come in brighter colors) that we are accustomed to seeing come out of the Nike factory.  As we said in our review of the Adidas Samba Classic though – performance is more important than style every day of the week.

The Nike Men’s Davinho Indoor Soccer Shoe features a primarily mesh upper (with a bit of synthetic leather).  This makes it ultra light and very breathable.  Having a light and breathable shoe is an absolute must for the indoor game as gyms and futsal courts tend to get very hot and humid with game after game going on in tight quarters.

Your feet need to be comfortable in order to consistently and effectively control the ball in this fast paced game – and the Nike Davinho Indoor is one of the most comfortable indoor shoes out there.

These shoes also have solid grip and traction to help keep the ball close while making quick cuts and sprints to the net.

The Davinho Indoor do tend to run just a little small/narrow – so take that into consideration prior to ordering.  All things considered, Nike has delivered another first class soccer shoe with their Davinho Indoor – you can improve your indoor game by grabbing a pair here.

Men’s Indoor Soccer Shoe Review – Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory VI

When you are talking about the top rated, top performing athletic shoes in any sport, you can expect to see multiple entries from Nike.  It will most likely be no different here – as much as I’m a fan of Adidas, Nike does make some outstanding soccer shoes and the Mercurial series truly stands out as one of the best.

The Nike Mercurial Victory VI is super lightweight with a sturdy synthetic upper and rubber sole.  You get outstanding grip on synthetic and hard surfaces (no slip) and the unique design of the upper offers some additional ball control – which is a crucial element to the indoor game.

The fit is fairly true to size (maybe a bit narrow compared to other brands) and the upper/tongue design make for a secure fit (no “flat tires” or losing one of these shoes on the court).  And if you are looking for style or flare, Nike Mercurial Victory VI has you covered – these shoes are available in bright, bold color combinations that will definitely help you stand out on the court.

These men’s indoor soccer shoes are well constructed, high performance and reasonably priced ($55-$75 online). If you are hoping to boost your style and performance on the court, grab a pairs of these indoor soccer shoes here.

Adidas Samba Classic – A Top Indoor Soccer Shoe for Kids

We have entered the time of year in the Northeast where parents are eagerly signing their kids up for indoor soccer or futsal so they can continue to get ample touches and improve their game despite the frigid temperatures outside.  This fast paced style of the outdoor game that we love to watch in the spring and fall seasons requires a different style of gear if you want your son or daughter to play as well on the court as they do on the pitch.

My “go to” indoor soccer shoe for young girls and boys is the Adidas Samba Classic.  This shoe is not as fancy as some of the other kids indoor soccer shoes we’ll take a look at in the coming weeks, but in my mind – performance always outdoes style whether you are on the court, the turf or the grass.

The Samba is the shoe I wore to play indoor soccer, its the first shoe my daughter wore to play indoor and the shoe my son wears to play indoor.  And despite hour after hour of serious action in some fast paced games – we’ve never experienced a “performance” related issue.  No rips, no tears, no blowouts – these shoes are now (and have been) constructed exceedingly well to stand up to the regular use and abuse of a full season of indoor soccer.

The Adidas Samba Classics have a lightweight synthetic leather upper and and the sole has outstanding grip – there is no sacrificing speed in this indoor soccer shoe.  Size runs fairly true and the Samba is very comfortable to wear (neither kid complains of pain even after days with multiple games).

If you are looking for a rock solid, high performance indoor soccer shoe for kids – you can confidently look past many of the ultra high priced flashy options and grab a pair of Adidas Samba Classics here.