Men’s Indoor Soccer Shoe Review – Nike Men’s Davinho Indoor Soccer Shoe

We spoke a little in our review yesterday about Nike’s reputation when it comes to delivering the highest quality in athletic shoes.  We’ve got another perfect example of that today with the Davinho Indoor Soccer shoe.

Upon first look, this shoe doesn’t have the typical flash and flair (they do come in brighter colors) that we are accustomed to seeing come out of the Nike factory.  As we said in our review of the Adidas Samba Classic though – performance is more important than style every day of the week.

The Nike Men’s Davinho Indoor Soccer Shoe features a primarily mesh upper (with a bit of synthetic leather).  This makes it ultra light and very breathable.  Having a light and breathable shoe is an absolute must for the indoor game as gyms and futsal courts tend to get very hot and humid with game after game going on in tight quarters.

Your feet need to be comfortable in order to consistently and effectively control the ball in this fast paced game – and the Nike Davinho Indoor is one of the most comfortable indoor shoes out there.

These shoes also have solid grip and traction to help keep the ball close while making quick cuts and sprints to the net.

The Davinho Indoor do tend to run just a little small/narrow – so take that into consideration prior to ordering.  All things considered, Nike has delivered another first class soccer shoe with their Davinho Indoor – you can improve your indoor game by grabbing a pair here.

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