Men’s Indoor Soccer Shoe Review – Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory VI

When you are talking about the top rated, top performing athletic shoes in any sport, you can expect to see multiple entries from Nike.  It will most likely be no different here – as much as I’m a fan of Adidas, Nike does make some outstanding soccer shoes and the Mercurial series truly stands out as one of the best.

The Nike Mercurial Victory VI is super lightweight with a sturdy synthetic upper and rubber sole.  You get outstanding grip on synthetic and hard surfaces (no slip) and the unique design of the upper offers some additional ball control – which is a crucial element to the indoor game.

The fit is fairly true to size (maybe a bit narrow compared to other brands) and the upper/tongue design make for a secure fit (no “flat tires” or losing one of these shoes on the court).  And if you are looking for style or flare, Nike Mercurial Victory VI has you covered – these shoes are available in bright, bold color combinations that will definitely help you stand out on the court.

These men’s indoor soccer shoes are well constructed, high performance and reasonably priced ($55-$75 online). If you are hoping to boost your style and performance on the court, grab a pairs of these indoor soccer shoes here.

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