Comfort and Touch in the Nike Kids’ Tiempo Rio III Indoor Soccer Shoes

My son is nine and he isn’t at a level where he has really identified “his sport” (though he does seem to be leaning more toward basketball than soccer).  So when he gets on the field or the indoor court, he has different expectations than my daughter (who is soccer through and through).

He’s playing soccer right now to have fun and because his friends are playing – not because of a deep desire to win (and there’s nothing wrong with that, youth sports are supposed to be fun!).  But he isn’t necessarily looking for the most advanced equipment out there to help improve his performance, he’s looking to be comfortable while he is on the field and while he is in between shifts.

When my first thought is overall quality and performance, I still lean toward Adidas – but if my first and foremost requirement in a shoe is comfort, I look for a bargain from Nike.

We found a pair of Nike Tiempo Rio III in his size on sale for less than $20 – which is a very reasonable price for a pair of indoor soccer shoes of this quality.

The Tiempo Rio III have a very lightweight synthetic leather upper (the shoes weigh in at less than 7 ounces) and are durable.  The quality of the general construction leaves no doubt that these shoes will last the entire indoor season (and might be able to hold up over another season if he wouldn’t outgrow them…)

The fit on these shoes is close to perfect, no riding up and down as he runs and very secure during on court cuts.  The Tiempo Rio III have great traction – and there is no surprise at all at how comfortable they are (he doesn’t rush to take them off, even long after the final whistle has sounded).

If you are in the market for an affordable, durable indoor kids’ soccer shoe, grab a pair of Nike Tiempo Rio III right here.

Outstanding Kid’s Indoor Soccer Shoe – Nike Kid’s HyperVenom Phelon II

My daughter got a call late Friday night to fill in for a local futsal team for the first time, which presented a perfect opportunity to try out some new kicks.

I picked up the HyperVenom Phelon II because this series has a great reputation and I’ve had positive personal experiences with them, plus the fact that the color above is an outstanding match for graphics on her regular indoor team’s uniform (more important to her than me).

The kid’s HyperVenom Phelon II, like virtually all Nike athletic shoes, are very comfortable.  They have a stable base, secure fit and excellent cushioning.

The soles seem to have outstanding grip, my daughter was able to make strong cuts and explode to 50/50 balls and she had no trouble keeping pace with the other team’s striker.

The kids HyperVenom Phelon II also has a unique feature designed to set it apart from other indoor shoes –  a larger striking surface for the ball.  The laces are offset to the outside allowing for a flatter surface for truer passes and shots.  I was a little concerned that this would effect the “feel” of the shoe, but my daughter said that they felt great (even after four 30 minute games in them).

While I don’t know exactly how much this feature would benefit more experienced players (most of the kids in our club wear hot spot lace covers, which keep laces tied and create a flat surface), but it might help beginners or those who need a little extra help with the fundamentals.

Overall I found the HyperVenom Phelon II indoor shoe to have all the necessary traits of a top level shoe.  They were lightweight, with great fit, very comfort with outstanding traction and great touch.  If your son or daughter needs a new indoor soccer or futsal shoe, grab a pair of Nike HyperVenom Phelon II here.

Adidas Samba Classic – A Top Indoor Soccer Shoe for Kids

We have entered the time of year in the Northeast where parents are eagerly signing their kids up for indoor soccer or futsal so they can continue to get ample touches and improve their game despite the frigid temperatures outside.  This fast paced style of the outdoor game that we love to watch in the spring and fall seasons requires a different style of gear if you want your son or daughter to play as well on the court as they do on the pitch.

My “go to” indoor soccer shoe for young girls and boys is the Adidas Samba Classic.  This shoe is not as fancy as some of the other kids indoor soccer shoes we’ll take a look at in the coming weeks, but in my mind – performance always outdoes style whether you are on the court, the turf or the grass.

The Samba is the shoe I wore to play indoor soccer, its the first shoe my daughter wore to play indoor and the shoe my son wears to play indoor.  And despite hour after hour of serious action in some fast paced games – we’ve never experienced a “performance” related issue.  No rips, no tears, no blowouts – these shoes are now (and have been) constructed exceedingly well to stand up to the regular use and abuse of a full season of indoor soccer.

The Adidas Samba Classics have a lightweight synthetic leather upper and and the sole has outstanding grip – there is no sacrificing speed in this indoor soccer shoe.  Size runs fairly true and the Samba is very comfortable to wear (neither kid complains of pain even after days with multiple games).

If you are looking for a rock solid, high performance indoor soccer shoe for kids – you can confidently look past many of the ultra high priced flashy options and grab a pair of Adidas Samba Classics here.