Men’s Indoor Soccer Shoe – Under Armour Spotlight ID Review

I was honestly a little skeptical before trying the Spotlight ID from Under Armour.  It’s not that I don’t trust their quality or reputation (I have used plenty of UA gear over the years), I had just never worn a pair of UA soccer shoes and honestly didn’t know how they’d stand up to Adidas and Nike.

I have to tell you though – even with the potentially negative preconceived notions I had going in, I really ended up liking this shoe in almost every aspect.

One of the first things I noticed was the weight (or lack thereof).  The UA Spotlight ID are super lightweight and felt incredibly fast.  Speed has always been an important part of my game, so I really liked the fast that this shoe seemed to enhance that rather than hamper it.

The synthetic leather upper feels resilient and made to last and I didn’t feel that I lost any touch compared to a mesh shoe.  Touch is another critical aspect in the indoor game as movements tend to be shorter and quicker (in general) when compared to playing on much larger outdoor fields.

The UA Spolight ID were also very comfortable.  These indoor soccer shoes have excellent support and ample cushioning.  I feel like I would have no trouble at all playing multiple games in a day in them.

The only potential knock I might have with the Spotlight ID is the grip.  While I wouldn’t say the traction was at all bad (I wasn’t slipping on the court as I have in some shoes), I just didn’t seem to have the “stick” I have in my regular indoor shoe that allows for the fastest cuts possible.

Overall, this is an outstanding effort from UA and well worth a look if you are in the market for a light and comfortable indoor soccer shoe for the upcoming season. Grab a pair of UA Men’s Spotlight ID indoor soccer shoes here.