Top Men’s Indoor Soccer Shoe – Adidas Men’s Mundial Goal

When it comes to soccer shoes (indoor and outdoor, grass and turf), I’m a firm believer in the products Adidas puts out.  I absolutely love the Samba Classic (have been wearing them for years), but I can definitely get behind the Adidas Men’s Mundial Goal indoor shoe as well.

The Men’s Mundial Goal features a sturdy and flexible K Leather upper.  This super supple material not only provides a great feel for the ball (excellent touch), but it is designed to stretch to mold perfectly to your foot to create the most comfortable environment for play possible. (Because K-Leather is known to stretch, many players and proponents recommend buying a half size small to compensate.)

The Mundial Goal delivers outstanding support, without being restrictive and the EVA insole/midsole technology makes for super comfortable long term wear.  This is key to maintaining top performance on the court as many indoor leagues have their teams playing multiple times per day. (It’s hard to deliver an MVP caliber performance on the court when you’ve got aching feet)

The leather upper makes the Mundial Goal indoor shoe just a little more expensive than some of the top mesh/synthetic shoes, but the extra expense is worth it if you are looking to create a “custom” fit feel on the indoor soccer court.

You’ll also get outstanding traction and great grip from these indoor shoes.  This means you can finish those explosive drives to the net or track down the opposition before they have a chance to shoot.

If you are looking for a top quality leather indoor shoe at a reasonable price, grab your pair of Adidas Men’s Mundial Goal indoor shoes here.

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